Twenty-eight Random Facts about Me + 1 Secret I’ve Never Told

I’ve been struggling lately over what to write about, so I thought I’d make another one of my famous lists.  I organize my days by making lists and crossing things off as I accomplish them.  I first started making lists a million years ago when I was on active duty.  This is a list of 28 things you may or may not already know about me.

  1. I am a natural red-head (auburn to be exact.) But, I have been coloring my hair since I went gray at the age of 30.
  2. I like to read.
  3. I am a clothes-horse.
  4. I believe a girl can never have too much jewelry or too many pairs of shoes.
  5. Potato Chips are my favorite junk food.
  6. Chocolate ice cream is my other favorite.
  7. I am a morbidly obese person at heart.
  8. I love to shop.
  9. I would rather go out to eat than cook any day.
  10. The most important people in my life are my children, my husband, and my extended family.
  11. I feel sorry for people who do not have kids. What do they really have?
  12. I hope number 11 doesn’t offend anyone.
  13. I can take or leave having a pet.
  14. I am very patriotic.
  15. I attend St. Mattress of the Springs every Sunday morning.
  16. I once told a boss to “stuff it.”
  17. From personal experience, I do not recommend telling your boss to “stuff it!”
  18. I can sometimes have a very short fuse.
  19. I enjoy doing all kinds of crafts.
  20. I’ve been wearing acrylic nails since I was 33 years old.
  21. I only exercise because it is good for me. Deep down I hate it.
  22. Italian food is my favorite.
  23. I love visiting my family in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  24. I am very organized and cannot function in a disorganized living space.
  25. I am a control freak!
  26. Stupid people really annoy me.
  27. One more…I hated teaching religion classes when I taught in Catholic school.
  28. I once unfriended an old high school friend on Facebook because I didn’t like his political views.
  29. Over twenty years ago when my former husband and I were getting divorced, I got so angry with him once that I keyed the hood of his car.

Today, my card is one I made using parts of the August 2015 Paper Pumpking Kit.  Even though I could have made a variety of Thank You, Sympathy, etc. cards with this kit, I opted for sympathy because that is one type of card I never make until I need one.  I did make a variation of a Valentine card using this kit.  It is a matchbook card, meaning…the card is cut like a matchbook.  You can get the tutorial for the matchbook card base here.

Here are two of the cards made exactly as the kit suggests and my card.

Aug 2015 Paper Pumpkin - 1


Aug 2015 Paper Pumpkin - 2

Hope you enjoyed your visit here today.  Until next time…

Happy Stamping!