Scallop Tag Topper Punch Treat Holder Tutorial

Today’s project is one I did not create. I have been feeling under the weather this week, and I have not been in my stamp room at all.  So I thought I would share a project that was created by a very dear friend of mine, Sharon S.  (I am sure she won’t mind.) I found it on my desk when I arrived at work the Monday after Easter.  It contained a solid chocolate bunny; however, you will notice by the picture the bunny is gone.  I think it disappeared about mid-morning when I needed a chocolate fix.  🙂  I admit, I am a chocolate addict.  If it is near me, it will not last long.  And, I am not happy with one or two pieces.  This little treat holder is adorable, and it is very versatile.  You can make one for just about any occasion.

ss easter treat

Want to make one?  Here’s how…

Step 1:  Cut a piece of card stock to measure 11″ x 2″.  Score it 5″ from either end.  Cut two more smaller pieces that measure 1″ x 2″ and score  each 1/2″ from either end.  See the photo below.

ss easter treat-1

Step 2:  Using the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch, insert each end of the longer piece and punch, then fold on the score lines.

ss easter treat-2

ss easter treat-3

Step 3:  Place a small piece of sticky strip on each end of the smaller pieces that you cut.  These are the sides of your holder that will keep the treat in place.

ss easter treat-4

Step 4:  Attach each side as shown below.

ss easter treat-5

Step 5:  Decorate as you desire!

ss easter treat-6

Until next time…Happy Stamping!