Hello Sweet Friend

The weather is unbelievable!  There is a saying here in Colorado, and that is “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change.”  It is doing just that!  We had close to 72 degrees here yesterday, and today we are expecting what some are saying is going to be our worst winter storm this year.  As I look out the window, the snow is coming down so fast that it is almost a white out.  The temperature today is about 30 degrees colder than yesterday.  You gotta love spring time in the Rockies.  I’ve seen it snow here on May 1st.  It is nice to be inside today, and what is even nicer is my school district is closed tomorrow, so I won’t have to drive in the snow.  We always get a random day in April off, and tomorrow is it.  I would prefer warmer weather, but if we’re gonna have a blizzard, I’d rather be home than out driving to work in it.

Today’s card features the Hexagon Hive Thinlits Dies.  I had an idea awhile ago to use only a portion of the die once it is cut out, but it seems that by the time my ideas ever come to fruition someone else’s do first.  So then I have to say that the card is CASEed.  Well, this card is partially CASEed because I think I saw one somewhere on the internet with only part of the thinlit die on a card.

You get today’s card in two versions and in two different colors.  The first is a simple version, and then I stepped it up a little and added a few more things on the second.  I also changed the colors on the second because the first card looked like someone had spilled red wine on it.  (What a waste of  red wine!) 🙂  Hope you like both, but feel free to let me know which you prefer.

Here you go!  Here’s the “wine” card…


Hello Sweet Friend-1


Here’s the one I like better.  🙂

Hello Sweet Friend-2