Double Gate Fold Card

How are you surviving the Corona Virus outbreak?  Are you socially distancing yourself?  Self-quarantining? On lock down?  Hopefully no one is sick!  It seems I’ve been washing my hands every time I turn around and they are beginning to show it.  You’ll be able to tell in my video, as the back of my hands are red along with the tops of my arms from washing.  I try to put on lotion, but lotion and paper don’t mix real well.  It tends to leave stains on the paper.  Also from the video, I can tell I am really going to be hurting come May 5th, the date of my next nail and hair appointment.  All salons, etc are shut down here until April 30, and next week is going to be three weeks since my last manicure.  By the time salons open again, my hair will be its natural color and I’ll need a full set of nails! The struggle is real…  🙂

To be very honest, it is very difficult to not give in to panic especially when I go into the grocery store.  I refuse to give in to the current herd mentality and stock-pile groceries like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, EVERYTHING!  We do have enough to get us through awhile, but we always do.  As a former military wife, we did all our shopping at the beginning of the month right after payday and just ran to the store for perishables like bread, milk, eggs, etc. I’m not buying more than what we need, and I don’t plan on it.  I also refuse to get up at 4:00 am to get in line outside the grocery store before it opens to get what I need.  Then again, I might change my mind when I run out of toilet paper.

My husband and I have been socially distancing ourselves for a few weeks, and I’ve finally concluded that it WILL NOT be the corona virus that gets him! LOL!  Seriously, we are doing well.  Fortunately, we each have our own computer and i-pads, and I have a television in my stamp room so if we want to watch different things we can.  When we need our space, we can have it.  We also have a treadmill that I’ve dusted off so we can get a little exercise in.  We both go to they gym regularly, but we all know that has come to a temporary end.  The only thing I am having a hard time adjusting to is that I don’t have to get out of bed by a certain time in the morning so that I can make it to the gym by 10:00 a.m.  The temptation to stay in bed longer than usual is difficult to fight.

I have two children that work in health care; one is a registered nurse that just recently moved back to Colorado and started working in a hospital north of here, and the other is an emergency medical technician that works in the emergency room in a local hospital.  I just learned my daughter is treating Covid19 positive patients WITHOUT the proper masks unless they are on a respirator or some sort of equipment that blows air back out because their supply of N95 masks is low.  My son is never put into contact with Covid19 patients and he is given an N95 mask at the beginning of each shift.  Figure that out!  The whole thing is scary to me and I pray nightly they remain safe.  I also limit the amount of news I listen to, because if I didn’t I would be a basket case

I’ve been keeping busy with my stamping and other crafts.  I’ve created a new fun-fold card and video for you using several Sale-a-bration items.  I just love this stamp set and the Flowering Foils Designer Series Paper.  I got the idea for this fold from a friend a long time ago and I decided it was time to drag it out, so this is an oldie but a good one.  I colored a piece of Flowering Foils Specialty DSP with Stampin’ Blends to make this card.  I don’t do the coloring in the video.  I just go through how to assemble the card.  The finished product looks good both ways, but I do like the colored one more than the other.  I don’t know why I always get so tongue tied when I make a video.  It seems that I get goofy and struggle to get the words for things out, or say something and realize later that what I said was totally wrong.  At any rate, this month’s video is complete and I hope you enjoy it.  if you have any questions, please let me know.






Stay safe, stay healthy, STAY HOME!!!

Until next time…

Happy Stamping!










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Valentine Pop-Up Card Video, Etc.

Hello Everyone!

I’m back after another short break, but it is my goal this year to provide you with a video tutorial each month. It’s one of the things I’ve set out to do. And, if there isn’t one each month, then by the end of this year, by golly, there will be 12. Some months just might have two, especially if I skip a month. Sometimes time just gets away from me.

My original intent was to start the year with a tutorial using different stamp sets, but I decided since it is so late in the month, I might as well start by celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’m presenting to you a video that I have done in which I create a Valentine Pop-Up card I’ve designed.  So I’ll show you two cards in the video and I will provide you with a list a supplies for both cards at the end of this post; however, I will only decorate the Valentine card in the video.  The second card is self explanatory as far as decorating is concerned. So is the Valentine  card, but I know that beginning stampers like to see things done, and that is completely understandable.  If I chose to decorate both cards in the video it would just be way too long.  I don’t want to put anyone to sleep.  You can use the basic pop-up card for any occasion.  Have fun decorating it any way you want.

I apologize in advance for some of the bloopers in the video.  I am way out of practice, which is another sign that I need to do this more often.  Also, if anything could go wrong while making this video, IT. DID.! From running out of disk space on my camera, to a camera battery dying in the middle of filming, to my phone ringing…to sloppy stamping…you name it and it happened. 🙂  I also had to drag out my old, slow laptop to edit the film, because I didn’t realize windows no longer provides downloads for Movie Maker for Windows 10.  So in the process, I thought I’d learn a new movie maker software, but realized very late last night that wasn’t going to happen!

Here are photos of the Valentine Pop-Up!



And this one I call Painted Poppies Honey Bee Pop-Up!










So here you go with the video.  Let me know if you have questions.  Also, the link for the printed tutorial on how to make the pop-up mechanism for the inside of the card can be found here.




Thank you for stopping by here today.

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Happy Stamping!






Here is the supply list for the Valentine card.

Here is the supply list for the Painted Poppies Honey Bee Pop-Up

Beauty Abounds Watercolor Technique

Hello Peeps!

It has been quite a while since I was last here.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been really busy doing life!  🙂  But today I have a video for you on a pretty simple watercolor technique that anybody should be able to do and I mean anybody because if I can pull it off…anyone can.  Actually we did this technique at my April card club on Saturday and NO ONE’S  turned out bad!  Each piece was unique in its own way and ALL were very beautiful!  The ink colors I used in the watercolor are retiring along with the Berry Burst and Powder Pink Paper.  The watercolor paper is retiring as well, but Stampin’ Up! is not getting rid of it entirely.  They are bringing out another version.  If you still have questions after you watch the video, let me know.

A few items you will need when watercoloring that are not listed in any of the supply lists are a clip board, blue painters tape, paper towel,  and small trays to hold your ink.  I used the tops to embellishment container.  I always save the container when I’ve used up an embellishment.  They have come in handy for a multitude of uses.

I am also sharing photos of the other three cards we made at club along with their supply lists.  If you have questions on those you can email me about them as well.








Vibrant Vases Card

Supply List for Vibrant Vases Card


Half Full Card

I got the inspiration for this card from the Annual Catalog.  Please note the Berry Burst card stock is about to retire along with the Half Full stamp set.  So, if you want either one of these you need to order soon (before June 1).

Half Full Card Supply List


Beauty Abounds Bokeh Birthday

Please note the Lemon Lime Twist card stock and ink along with the stamp set Amazing Life are on the soon to be retiring list, so if you are interested in either you need to order soon (before June 1).  #simplestamping

Bokeh Birthday Card Supply List



So I hope you enjoyed your visit here today!  Until next time!

Happy Stamping!