I Was a Stand-Up Comic

Today was housework day around here.  I was needing to vacuum and mop my kitchen floor for a while, but I had been putting it off because my husband had a batch of wine going and I wanted to wait until he spilled it everywhere while he was bottling before I mopped.  My mother would have had a conniption (is that a word?) if she would have seen it.  My mom’s floors are so clean you can eat off them.  You can eat off mine too…bread, Cheerios, anything that’s down there!  LOL!  That’s an original joke I wrote about one million years ago when I dabbled in amateur stand-up comedy.  Bet you didn’t think I could be so funny, did you?

Seriously, before I went back to school to become a teacher, I toyed around with stand-up comedy.  We have a comedy club locally that used to do Open Mike Night on Sunday evenings.  I used to go and practice my stand-up routine.  I opened a few shows for a few famous comics.  Can’t remember who they were right now.  I even did four shows in a Boulder comedy club.  I got paid $100.00 for doing them.  My hotel for the night was $150.00 so I didn’t make that much.  I did this while I was getting divorced from my first husband.   I felt it was cheaper than going to therapy.  🙂  Then I went back to school to get my teaching license, and for 17  years I had a captive audience every day!  There were times as a teacher that I felt like I WAS a stand up comic.  One thing my students always said about me was that I had an excellent sense of humor.  And I do!  I have other jokes, but don’t know if they would be appropriate here.  We’ll see.  Maybe in the future.

Anyway, my husband got his wine bottled last night, and I am glad I waited to clean.  While he was bottling, he managed to knock a full bottle over and it broke.  Wine went everywhere!  (What a waste of perfectly good wine!)  So, today was housework day.  I got the stickiness from the wine off the floor… along with a few Cheerios. 🙂  I even managed to do a few windows.

I am thinkin’ I am really liking this stamp set that’s called Endless Birthday Wishes.   This makes three or four cards in a row where I’ve used this set.  I’m liking the way this card turned out too.  I was going for a vintage look and I may have achieved it.  I like the subtle look of the pink against the tan.  What do you think?  Let me know.  I always appreciate comments.

Yippee Birthday - 1

Here’s another view so you can see how everything is layered.

Yippee Birthday - 2

Hope you enjoyed your visit here today.  Until next time…

Happy Stamping!


P.S.  The chevron ribbon I used is reversible, and the lace trim is retired.  But, we do have some new lace trim that I will be ordering soon.  🙂