Thank You Watercolor Note Card 4

Saying thank you is always appropriate.   When I was a child, my mother taught me that the words please and thank you are magic.  She always said if a person asks nicely and says please and then remembers to say thank you,  magic happens.  Well, I don’t know about magic happening, but  I think we don’t say those words enough. We especially don’t say them enough to the people we love most.  I tell my husband it is important for husband and wife, mother/father and child to say please and thank you to each other.  Not only is it important, it is MANDATORY!.  🙂  It is becoming a lost art.  People, starting when they are children, must be taught to say please and thank you.   I’ve noticed on occasion with my students in school that many of them are not taught at home how to say those two little words.  I know this because on those few occasions when I hand out treats, many will receive them without saying thanks.  I remind them by saying, “You’re welcome,” when I hand the treat to them.  Then the thank you’s begin.  I always try to use those two little words with my students.  I had one student say to me one day, “You are always so polite, Mrs. Cauler.”  My response was, “I try to be.  Why do you sound surprised that I would be polite with you?  Do you think that I don’t need to be just because I am your teacher?  I say please and thank you to you because I expect you to say please and thank you to me.”

So, with all of that said,  please look at my fourth Watercolor Wonder Note Card.  Thank you!

Watercoler Wonder Note Card - 1