Summer Beach Coasters

Hello Everyone!

I’m back with a video tutorial this month after taking last month off.  This video is very short and sweet, but I think you are going to like what you see.  This month we are using the Sailing Home stamp set and we are making coasters for you to use while you are sitting out on your patio or deck, whatever you may call it, or as you lounge along side your backyard pool. Back yard pools are not a thing here in Colorado.  We are more of a hot tub state, so in my case I would sit under the awning on my patio, next to the hot tub having a cool drink while I look up at the stars on a warm summer night and dream about being near the beach.

Being near the beach again is not going to be in the near future since my daughter moved back to Colorado at the end of February.  I do have a trip planned for a visit back to Virginia Beach for the beginning of August, but I don’t think we are going to make it this year.  I believe the resorts in Virginia are still closed and even if they weren’t I’m not sure I want to take that risk with the virus still around. But I have a pretty good imagination and with a glass of wine after dinner, I’ll sit by my hot tub this summer and dream about the beach as I use my summer beach coasters.

Some of the things you will need are sandstone coasters with cork backing, painter’s tape and permanent waterproof ink.  The remainder of the items are listed at the bottom of this post.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Until next time…

Happy Stamping!






Life Changes

Happy April, Stampers!

Hope everyone’s month has been a good one and everyone had a blessed Easter.

I am going to forego the video tutorial this month, as it has not been a particularly good month as far as stamping is concerned. Neither the motivation nor the desire has been there for me. Heck, it has not been a productive month in any regard.

My children’s father passed away on April 10, Good Friday.  We learned on Dec. 13 of last year that he had leukemia, AML, the deadliest form.  So, for the past few months he was in and out of the hospital with chemo treatments, etc.  At one point, we even thought he might be able to have a bone marrow transplant, but he took a turn for the worse around the first week of April and he did not make it.

Both my children are adults.  Our oldest moved away to Virginia Beach two years ago shortly after out granddaughter was born.  She just recently moved back at the end of February to be closer to her dad and the rest of the family.  She said learning of his illness was the final sign she needed that Colorado was where she should be.  Unfortunately, she only got to visit with her dad in person once before the hospitals closed to all visitors because of Corona Virus.  Toward the end, I was not sure if the kids were even going to get to see their father in person again before he passed.  I was incredibly angry about the entire situation!  No one should have to die alone!

The Saturday before he passed, he called me on the phone and told me he felt the doctors would soon be telling him there was nothing more they could do for him and that all he wanted was to die peacefully at home.  He asked if I would prepare one final family meal for everyone once he got there.  I agreed. If that was his final wish, then that is what would take place.  However, I told him not to give up hope because where there is life there is hope.  He insisted his mind was fighting, but he just couldn’t get his body to cooperate.

Unfortunately, his feelings were correct, and his physicians recommended hospice care for him by the end of the week.  The hospital did make an exception and allowed the kids to visit him in person they day before he got home.  He arrived home by 12:30 p.m. on April 10th, and by 4:22 p.m. he had passed.  He kept saying how good it was to be home and surrounded by those that he loved.  I was not there when he passed.  My children and his sister were with him.  I had been home about an hour when the phone call came.  I never DID say goodbye; I just said, “We will see you tomorrow!”  He thanked me for all I had done.  I gave him my standard answer, which was that I had not done anything. Because I do not feel that I had done anything he would not have done for me if needed.  He replied, “You’ve done more than you realize.”  Maybe I should have said more.  But I knew he was dying, and I was in too emotional a state.

My children’s father and I would have been divorced 27 years this coming May.  We were married for 12 years.  At first, like most divorced couples, our relationship was very strained; we had to get through a lot of ugly stuff.  Our children were young.  They were in preschool and first grade when we first separated.  My wise mother pushed me to be friends with him, regardless of what had transpired between the two of us.  “Your children are more important,” she always said, “than any bad thing that has ever happened to you.  It is always the children that pay the highest price in a divorce.  You won’t be sorry.”  And she was right, as she usually is.  My children have expressed their appreciation for my being there for him.  My son, now 33, told me when he was 19 that he appreciated the fact that I never forced them to choose.  I always felt that if I made my children choose it would only turn them against me.  He was, after all, their father

Holidays will not be the same; life will not be the same.  I had known this man for over 40 years.  He was 65 years old for only 3 weeks when he passed.  I always felt he would go before me, but I never thought it would be at such a young age. At first it felt unbelievable that he was gone.  It was difficult to accept that he is no longer of this world.  That his physical presence was no more.  Now at times I get upset with him for dying.  I know it sounds crazy, but I get angry that he has left our children fatherless at such an early age and they now must deal with settling his affairs.  He left a will so everything is pretty much cut and dry, but I know I still needed my parents when I was in my thirties…heck, I still need my mother who will soon be 89.  But at least when she passes, we will be able to say she had a long and fulfilling life.  My former spouse had a fulfilling life, but it was too short.  His death makes me feel vulnerable.

I am blessed in that I have a wonderful husband that always accepted my friendship with my former spouse and even became friends with him for the sake of my children, our children.  And I know my husband will be there for me and our children whenever we need them.

Life changes in an instant.  Always tell the people you love how much you care about them.  ALWAYS!  If they are going out the door to the grocery store, tell them!  Washing the car…tell them.  ALWAYS tell them…before you cannot tell them anymore.

So, I do have a cards I can share with you today.  I created these last month and I used them this month as part of my Card Club to Go for April.  Card Club to Go is something new I am trying during these COVID 19 fun times.

Wanted to let you know, I’ve included separate supply lists for each card at the end of this post. And, as always, the supply lists also include current bundles that go with the stamp set.  In some cases, the entire bundle is not used in the creation of the card.



Until next time…I would like to tell all of you how much you are appreciated.

Happy Stamping!











Double Gate Fold Card

How are you surviving the Corona Virus outbreak?  Are you socially distancing yourself?  Self-quarantining? On lock down?  Hopefully no one is sick!  It seems I’ve been washing my hands every time I turn around and they are beginning to show it.  You’ll be able to tell in my video, as the back of my hands are red along with the tops of my arms from washing.  I try to put on lotion, but lotion and paper don’t mix real well.  It tends to leave stains on the paper.  Also from the video, I can tell I am really going to be hurting come May 5th, the date of my next nail and hair appointment.  All salons, etc are shut down here until April 30, and next week is going to be three weeks since my last manicure.  By the time salons open again, my hair will be its natural color and I’ll need a full set of nails! The struggle is real…  🙂

To be very honest, it is very difficult to not give in to panic especially when I go into the grocery store.  I refuse to give in to the current herd mentality and stock-pile groceries like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, EVERYTHING!  We do have enough to get us through awhile, but we always do.  As a former military wife, we did all our shopping at the beginning of the month right after payday and just ran to the store for perishables like bread, milk, eggs, etc. I’m not buying more than what we need, and I don’t plan on it.  I also refuse to get up at 4:00 am to get in line outside the grocery store before it opens to get what I need.  Then again, I might change my mind when I run out of toilet paper.

My husband and I have been socially distancing ourselves for a few weeks, and I’ve finally concluded that it WILL NOT be the corona virus that gets him! LOL!  Seriously, we are doing well.  Fortunately, we each have our own computer and i-pads, and I have a television in my stamp room so if we want to watch different things we can.  When we need our space, we can have it.  We also have a treadmill that I’ve dusted off so we can get a little exercise in.  We both go to they gym regularly, but we all know that has come to a temporary end.  The only thing I am having a hard time adjusting to is that I don’t have to get out of bed by a certain time in the morning so that I can make it to the gym by 10:00 a.m.  The temptation to stay in bed longer than usual is difficult to fight.

I have two children that work in health care; one is a registered nurse that just recently moved back to Colorado and started working in a hospital north of here, and the other is an emergency medical technician that works in the emergency room in a local hospital.  I just learned my daughter is treating Covid19 positive patients WITHOUT the proper masks unless they are on a respirator or some sort of equipment that blows air back out because their supply of N95 masks is low.  My son is never put into contact with Covid19 patients and he is given an N95 mask at the beginning of each shift.  Figure that out!  The whole thing is scary to me and I pray nightly they remain safe.  I also limit the amount of news I listen to, because if I didn’t I would be a basket case

I’ve been keeping busy with my stamping and other crafts.  I’ve created a new fun-fold card and video for you using several Sale-a-bration items.  I just love this stamp set and the Flowering Foils Designer Series Paper.  I got the idea for this fold from a friend a long time ago and I decided it was time to drag it out, so this is an oldie but a good one.  I colored a piece of Flowering Foils Specialty DSP with Stampin’ Blends to make this card.  I don’t do the coloring in the video.  I just go through how to assemble the card.  The finished product looks good both ways, but I do like the colored one more than the other.  I don’t know why I always get so tongue tied when I make a video.  It seems that I get goofy and struggle to get the words for things out, or say something and realize later that what I said was totally wrong.  At any rate, this month’s video is complete and I hope you enjoy it.  if you have any questions, please let me know.






Stay safe, stay healthy, STAY HOME!!!

Until next time…

Happy Stamping!










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Bonanza Buddies Fun Fold Card

Hello All!

Better late than never is what I say.  With only a few days left in this month, it looks like I am going to meet my goal of this year’s commitment to post something every month.  Only 10 more months to go! 🙂

The card I am sharing today is not all my idea.  I borrowed the fun fold for this card from Connie Stewart, another Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  The decorating on this one is all me though, so I can at least take credit for that part.  We made this card at my monthly Cards & Coffee this past Saturday, and my BFF, Carol, told me I should share it here.  To be honest I was at a loss as to what I SHOULD share, so she helped me by making that suggestion.

I think this stamp set is totally adorable, and I can’t wait to make more with it.  It’s perfect for little kids.

In the video I question the pronunciation of the word “ruched” for the ribbon.  Well, I checked and it is pronounced [rooshed].  I don’t remember if I ever pronounced it correctly.  🙂  As I said, wrinkled works for me.  LOL!


I hope you enjoy the video and the card.

Until next time…

Happy Stamping!