Crazy Like Giving a Cat a Pill!

So…this week has been crazy!

It has been so crazy, that last night summed it all up when we had to give our cat a pill.  Ever have to do that? It ain’t easy, that is for sure!  One of our cats has been having “accidents” around the house for the last few months.  He’s a nervous cat.  He will go into the litter box to do number 1, but lately he’s been finding all kinds of places to leave little number 2 gifts.  Thursday morning, after finding it in a most inconvenient way,  (Yes, I stepped in it at 5:00 a.m. just after getting out of bed.) I decided we were going to have to do what we said we didn’t want to do, and that is medicate the cat.  When we had a dog, we just wrapped whatever into a piece of balogna or cheese or peanut butter when she was sick and needed medication.  Dogs will eat just about anything, for Pete’s sake.  But cats, they’re not as dumb as some dogs are.  (Sorry to all the dog lovers out there.  I mean no offense.) Cats know when you are up to no good.  We first tried crushing one of the pills and mixing it in with a little whipped cream.  Tiger loves whipped cream.  “No way!” he must have been thinking.  “You guys did something to my whipped cream!”  So then we melted one in a little water and tried shooting it into the cat’s mouth with a little medicine syringe.  I ended up squirting it all over the front of my husband’s shirt.  So on the third try, we did just as the vet recommended.  “Hold the cat by the back of his neck with your thumb and forefinger.  With the other hand, pry apart his jaws.  Finally, drop the pill into the back of his mouth.  The cat will automatically swallow it.”

What the vet doesn’t tell you is that you need four hands to do this.  The vet also doesn’t tell you the cat WILL NOT cooperate!  But, after dropping the pill twice and a few scratches, my husband managed to get the pill into the cats mouth and he finally swallowed it. 🙂  Geeeee’s! And to think, we have to do this every day.  LOL!  Tonight, my husband is holding the cat or I am wearing a pair of leather gloves.  I love my cat, but some things are just R-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S! Enough said.

Today’s card is one I made for our school secretary.  She is retiring at the end of this year after many years of working with our district.  Whenever some one retires, we try to gather a bit of memorabilia and put it into a scrapbook or box or something for them.  Someone else made a scrapbook for her, but I never got around to writing a congratulatory note for it.  So, I made this.  I think it’s pretty.

World Treasures Congratulations

Here’s what I used on this card.

Delightful Dozen Stamp Set   122652

World Treasure Stamp Set   126767

Midnight Muse Card Stock   126843

Summer Starfruit Card Stock 126839

Crumb Cake Card Stock   120953

Very Vanilla Card Stock   101650

Midnight Muse Classic Ink   126860

Summer Starfruit Classic Ink 126992

Raspberry Ripple Classic Ink   126859

Gumball Green Classic Ink   126861

In Color Dahlias   127556

Rhinestone Basic Jewels   125577

Linen Thread   104199

Scallop Edge Border Punch   118402

So, until next time…

Happy Stamping!


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  1. Loved your story on the cat pilling. I am also doing a post about pilling 4 cats for a week. WordPress said I should check your post out and they were right. I hope the pills helped.

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